Laser Scanning

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Laser Scan Surveys

Laser scanning is the most accurate, efficient and cost effective way of collecting as built data

Laser scan surveys gather millions of accurate points that create a 3D image which can be processed and used in nearly all CAD and 3D Modelling systems. Scanning is high accuracy, high speed and is the best and safest way of taking as built measurements which can be use to design and construct.

Save money on construction costs and reduce risk.

Faster surveys performed earlier in the project deliver foundation BIM and will increase the speed that accurate design documentation can be produced. Scanning records the as built positions of structures which can be difficult to survey in any other way. Measuring dangerous structures or in risky locations is made safer as scanning is effective over much longer distances than a tape measure.

The scan survey can be updated as your build progresses allowing you to inspect and compare “as built” to design drawings. You will also be able to clash check your designs and get clearance measurements easily.

What projects are suitable for laser scanning?

Almost any project that requires the gathering of “As Built” information is ideal for a laser scan survey. This includes both commercial and domestic projects. Architects and Engineers benefit from our data as they can use it to create new designs with the confidence that the scan represents the available space accurately and comprehensively. Fabricators of Steel, timber, concrete and MEP also benefit as our data will contain all of the as built information they require in an easy to use format. The scan data can be directly inserted into nearly all CAD systems enabling your designers to work on the virtual site.

BIMTek Delivers

We can deliver our site surveys in many formats. Typical outputs work in Revit, Archicad, Autocad and Tekla Structures. We can also deliver as built 3D models created from the scans if required.


Reduce cost

Reduce Risk

Improve Safety

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