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Over the last 6 months I have been slowly building up BIMTek's portfolio of clients that require scanning and BIM Layout services. As you may know BIMTek started using scanning for in-house drafting projects but the company has morphed over the last couple of years to offering scanning services to a range of clients in construction and factory design fields.

The last 6 months have been intense with high workloads and below is a rundown of some of the scan surveys BIMTek has carried out for new clients.

Mt Austen High School, Wagga Wagga. NSW.

Rambler Welding in Wagga Wagga contracted BIMTek to scan some school buildings at Mt Austin High School so they could design and fabricate a new elevated walkway system to join the upper floors of the school buildings. The survey was required as the buildings may not have been in line and there were a lot of features like down pipes and other services potentially in the way. I flew down with my scanner and other gear and spent a day on site in the sunshine collecting this survey.

I extracted the relevant scan data for insertion into Tekla Structures and delivered it along with Recap and Realworks data to Rambler welding for use. The project has gone fantastically and looks great. I am awaiting site photos to see the finished walkways.

50 Graham Rd, Carseldine. Qld.

Anthony Smith of Struc-tech Steel Detailing asked me to deliver a scan survey of the existing steel work at the Aspley Hornets Clubhouse.

The existing frame was to be extended as part of an extension to the building. The scan was required to pickup the existing column and rafters along with the purlins. The existing purlins would need to be joined to new purlins with an overlap type connection so accuracy was important.

Upon delivery Anthony immediately identified issues between the as built situation shown in the scan and the indicated levels on the design drawings. Using this data he was able to inform the main contractor of the problem and alter the steel model to suit. This saved thousands of dollars in re-work had the issue not been spotted.

Historic Aircraft Hanger preservation.

Idec, a steel fabricator in Hemmant, QLD, contracted BIMTek to undertake a scan of an historic Aircraft hanger.

The "Bellman" hanger is a historic and important design as it is modular and can easily be dismantled and moved in small standard sections on trucks. The Brief was to capture the structure of the hanger with special attention paid to the doors and tracks. The hanger would then be dismantled and erected in a different location. The scan was partly for preservation and partly so new sections could be fabricated should the need arise.

Unfortunately no images are available for this one, however here is a link to the UK governments entire PDF design manual for this type of kit building.

WW2 Bellman Hanger at RAF Stoke Orchard. UK.

Genesis Childcare

I was contacted by Wayne Cadwallader at SSS Manufacturing to provide him with a scan survey of the roof of a new building at the new Chermside Westfield extension here in Brisbane. BIMTek had already provided the workshop drawings for this building about a year ago to a different fabricator so we were very familiar with the building.

The scan was required as new steel pergola's, seating areas and sunshades were to be detailed and fabricated for the Childcare center who was the new tenant of this area. This project is unfortunately still in the design phase but hopefully will be installed and completed soon.

There are some in-depth blog posts to come.

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