6 Months and lots of challenges

Its been a while since I last got a moment to update the BIMTek website and write a blog post.

BIMTek has been lucky enough to win so much work we just haven't stopped but here is a rundown on whats been happening since the last post.

1, The last post.... I received quite a bit of criticism about my last post. I must admit I was feeling a bit thin skinned at the time and have been reluctant to post more blog entries. I really upset a few surveyors as I said in my last post that laser scanning can be cheap, we discussed pricing and disagreed on my pricing model. Lets just finish by saying that the internet is not for the thin skinned.

Roma Street canopy - The subject of my last post.

Roma Street canopy - The subject of my last post.

2, BIMTek was contracted by Steel Fabrications Australia to detail the 2 link bridges at the Brisbane Airport International Terminal upgrade. These were two 100+ tonne truss bridges that span from the new terminal extension to a node building that houses the air bridges. This was a huge challenge as the deadlines were short, information scant and pressure immense. However, the node buildings are now erected and the 1st link bridge is starting to be delivered to site for erection. Each link is made up of 8 pieces and will be bolted / site welded on the ground and lifted into position. 

Link 74 Brisbane International Airport

Link 74 Brisbane International Airport

3, BIMTek bought a Faro X130 Laser scanner. Yes I finally "Bit the Bullet" and purchased my own scanner. I am so glad I was brave enough to invest as the scanner has been very busy since. Its so handy, especially on smaller jobs, to just be able to get the scanner out and measure. The $700 per day hire fee made it impossible to provide surveys for small projects.

I have also been able to re-visit sites and re-scan areas easily where the pace of change on site is so fast a QA scan necessary to ensure things are going to fit.

Its a great addition to the company and enables me to go forward and try to get more scanning work.



4, Since January we have been involved in several scan and BIM projects. I have been down to Wagga Wagga to scan school buildings for Rambler Welding and learned that taking scanning and survey gear on a plane is horrible especially when you see the baggage handlers unloading the aircraft. I scanned the Carrara indoor sports stadium for Hyforce engineering which was a small job that turned into a huge project. Also there have been several scan surveys in Brisbane for a range of clients.

I will be writing about these in the next few weeks in more detail.

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