Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge. Brisbane International Airport.

Just before Christmas I was asked to perform a laser scan survey for a Steel fabricator who was contracted to fabricate and install architectural structural steelwork to the new Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge at Brisbane Airport. The survey was required to ensure that we did not clash with the existing airport steelwork and that we could fit between the existing walls with the minimum of clearances. In addition to that we had to fit new base plates around existing base plates again with very low clearances.

Lounge space Looking South

Lounge space Looking North

Lounge space Looking North

The lounge area consists of 2 parts. The South end is open with new architectural steel trusses above running across and along the space. The rear North part of the lounge had new stud walls that will contain supporting steelwork for a small plant mezzanine above. Columns for the trusses are required to be hard up against the walls and the scan was invaluable for proving that the walls were fairly plumb and that the steelwork would fit.

New Steel Trusses looking South

New Steel Trusses looking North

I use Trimble Realworksa lot for visual clash checks. So long as your laser scan in Realworks and your Tekla model (or other model) use the same co-ordinates you can merge your new model with the laser scan with ease. This can be used as a very good visual clash and fit check. Below shows the front view of one of the main trusses on this project. In Realworks if you zoom into the columns you can see that the wall does not clash with the column top. The snapshots below that show the zoomed in image in detail.

Front view of Truss using the limit box extraction tool

Top of column and wall line

Column base plate, Wall and floor level. The stud wall has to be cut to allow the base plate to penetrate the wall.

Column base plate, Wall and floor level. The stud wall has to be cut to allow the base plate to penetrate the wall.

The builder requested that we return and make a further survey to ensure that the new stud walls would match the steel plan. It was a good call as some of the walls had been moved to suit site conditions. The steel work model was then easily altered on site to suit. The wall changes did show up a clash between the existing steelwork and the new so again we were able to let the design team know prior to fabrication.

Mezzanine steel work

Mezzanine steel work looking south

Although this was a simple area to survey it just shows how useful the scan survey can be when it comes to things you didn't even know you might need. For me the main thing it gives is certainty and I like being 100% certain things will fit before its made.

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