Redlands Hospital Security Fence

I have been contracted to provide a survey and detail drawings for steelwork fence framing around the top of a garden wall at Redlands Hospital in Cleveland, Queensland. I went to the site to take a look and decided this was a job for the scanner as it would collect all of the needed information faster and more accurately than just the RTS alone.

The wall around the garden was complex with steel awnings over wall alcoves. All of this needed to be built around and fixed to so scanning was the only way I could see of being able to gather all of that survey information

The scan was cleaned up and the vegetation deleted. This time I down-sampled the entire cloud using Trimble Realworks and broke it into 6 sections. These were then converted and inserted into Tekla Structures.

The model was turned around in a couple of days and re-inserted into the point cloud for a visual check. When I did this I noticed a clash between the arch canopy and the new steel. Previously this had not been considered by the design team as they thought the old and new steel would pass each other. This was proven to not be the case and visually demonstrated using the merged point cloud and steel model. Quickly a solution was put forward and implemented with no stress, fuss or arguments.

Next week i will be returning to site with The RTS to set out all of the drillings and site welded plates.