Survey & Scan inside a Huge Warehouse

A new client!

I was contacted and asked to perform a "try out" laser scan survey on a simple project at a warehouse at Brisbane Airport. I accepted the job but was under a bit of pressure as this was all about the deliverables and not so much the survey. The clients draftsman was in China and so he needed the relevant parts of the laser scan inserted into Tekla Structures and transferred back to China for drafting. The client also needed this laser scan to be on Grid and then after all that he wants me to go back and set it all out.

This gave me a problem as there isn't really a good way of ensuring a laser scan is on grid unless you use a Total Station and checker boards. So I decided to use this project to learn. The result is a geo-referenced point cloud that is on grid and a man that now can use a Trimble Robotic Total Station. In my opinion this is the best way to eliminate any doubt with your scans registration and position on the scan site. It also enables you to return another day and perform more scans provided your control point stickers are still there.

Warehouse, Brisbane Airport.

Warehouse, Brisbane Airport.

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