Its been a big year.

We are now approaching Christmas and I'm left wondering where the time went. Its been a roller coaster year for me and BIMTek in the Laser Scanning and Steel Detailing fields.

It started last Christmas with me handing in my notice at Steel Fabrications Australia. I left to begin a Steel Detailing project at the new Mascot Ice Rink in Sydney. The idea was to procure a Laser Scan survey of the existing building shell to enable us to set out the steel work efficiently and with certainty.

Mascot Ice Rink Shell

Mascot Ice rink with new steelwork

I was next asked to perform a laser scan survey on several parts of a shopping center at Lismore in NSW. We could then go on to produce design drawings and workshop drawings for the steel and aluminum elements required to upgrade the entrances. It was 38 degrees on the day of the survey and I realized that the scanner will only work for short periods due to overheating.

Lismore Shopping Center scan

Lismore scan with steel

Then onto a laser scan survey and steel detailing contract for an Aldi extension in Brisbane. These are a challenge as you need to merge the inside and outside of the store with the added complications of the public being around. You certainly get some interesting characters when you are out scanning. Whilst I was on this project I was getting training on the Trimble RTS 773. This was to enable me to Geo-reference laser scans so I could accurately align them to a grid. I also needed to learn how to return to site, set up and accurately lay out points for new holes and weld on cleats.

Aldi Chermside

Aldi Chermside

During the food store project I was contracted to undertake a small laser scan survey in a very big warehouse. The steel fabricator needed survey information to build a new mezzanine office frame that had to fit between the existing steel work. This was the first project that I did on my own with both the scanner and RTS. It went perfectly.

BAC Warehouse Mezzanine

This project grew exponentially. There was a new requirement to scan the entire building. The data was needed to dimension new steel for strengthening works to the roof. It took about 25hrs and 106 scans to cover the building and then another 5 or 6 hours to process and register the data. As the job was so big I used 2 Faro laser scanners and the help of my son. Once the drafting was done by a team in China I returned to set out the steel work which took about 3 full days.

BAC Warehouse full scan

BAC Warehouse internal

The next contract was at the University of Queensland at St Lucia in Brisbane. This was a challenge as we found that Laser Scanning does not work all that well on black colored items. As you can see in the below pictures the scanner misses a lot.

UQ Bridge with Steel work

Scan problems

After that, and the last scanning project I can show you was Redlands Hospital Fence. This was the final project to reach my training goal. The aim was to take a project from beginning to installation and use the Trimble and Tekla technology from end to end. The steel work installed without a single problem and is now clad with its security screening.

Redlands Hospital Garden

Garden with screen support steel work

Redlands Hospital finished Screens

Redlands Hospital finished Screens

Since the Redlands Hospital project I have been asked to deliver laser scan surveys at 2 big food processing factories in Sydney. Unfortunately I am working on getting their permission to share images of these scans on my blog and website. I imagine as laser scan surveys become more popular more surveyors are going to be bound by confidentiality agreements.

Hopefully 2016 will be a good one for everyone and with any luck BIMTEK will still be there offering scanning and detailing services. Have a good Christmas and a better new year.

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