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BIM Models

BIMTek builds accurate BIM models from laser scan surveys to the level of detail your project requires. If your project does not need a high detail model its a waste of time and money to produce it. We liaise with your design staff and agree the scope of the model before we begin. Models of various detail can be produced in most formats including Revit, Tekla, ArchiCAD and AutoCAD.

When we perform a scan survey we install a control network so we can return to gather more survey data or set out new site features like grids, foundations, walls and civil works. If all trades use the same co-ordinate system for their designs and workshop models they are more easily overlaid and design checked


 Overlaying models reduces clashes and rework


 BIMTek can assist you in setting up BIM systems for your project. We can also assist you to overlay models and drawings for different disciplines enabling you to clash check your and your sub contractors designs prior to fabrication.

Integrate your designs with As built surveys and 3D Layout.

BIMTek specialises in beginning to end BIM and survey services. We can provide your initial as built surveys, help you through the process and finally we can return to site to accurately layout every element of your build or installation directly from your model or models.