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High definition laser scanning records millions of spatial data points whilst at the same time documenting the scan with Hi resolution photographs. Either complimenting or in place of traditional survey methods the laser scan gives designers and draftsmen a comprehensive and more realistic starting point.

Key Benefits

Increase accuracy and certainty of site surveys. A point cloud survey reduces your risk especially
when designing to existing structures. Higher accuracy and comprehensive data presented in a clear
visual form helps your designers and draftsmen produce the required workshop drawings faster and
with more confidence. Point cloud data can be inserted into popular CAD software like Revit and AutoCAD and
used to produce your design models. Using a laser scan survey also reduces CAD rework significantly.
Reduce RFI’s: The Point cloud survey will contain data that would have been missed in a traditional
survey. The visual nature of point clouds means that your designers and draftsmen need to ask less
questions because they can see what they need to see. The data will often include things that you
didn’t even know you needed which reduces the need to go back to site and take additional
Reduce errors and site rework: The point cloud survey data is accurate so your draftsmen can
confidently use it to model to. Your model and point cloud survey can be merged with other models
like steel and concrete which will significantly reduce the need to re-design and re-route ducting,
electrics and pipework in the field. For MEP contractors involved in renovation projects, our 3D laser
scanning solutions provide an invaluable, cost effective and efficient method for gathering existing
locations of mechanical systems.
Improve your estimates: A Laser Scan survey can improve the accuracy of your estimates making
you more competitive and less likely to lose revenue. This is especially important on projects where
access is difficult and there is a lot of structure to build around.