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  • Do you know where your existing equipment, machinery etc.. is ?

  • Do you know exactly what you have ?

  • Have you purchased new equipment only to find it does NOT fit ?

Keeping a facility up to date with industry standards and new equipment requirements whilst meeting production demands is a vital requirement for your business. With the lack of up to date as-built documentation this can be a challenging task.

Reality Capture using BIMTek’s laser scanning services can save you thousands of dollars..

  • Look at the image above. It looks like a photograph but it is a millimeter accurate laser scan that your design team can measure from and overlay CAD models to ensuring your new equipment WILL fit.
  • How long would it take you to go out a measure all the equipment, piping, structural steel etc.. in this plant room ? Then how accurate would it be and are you sure you measured everything you needed
  • In a few hours, this room can be scanned and converted into a file that can be referenced into most CAD applications

It is essentially measuring without a tape measure but a whole lot more !


Reality Capture and the BIMTek difference

Why Laser Scans?

Laser scans capture reality. Everything that you can see in a process room or plant area will be captured very accurately and visually.

Measurement using tapes and levels is risky. Exact           conditions are not always communicated well, dimensions get written down incorrectly and potential clashes are not spotted or disregarded. In some cases it is impossible to measure with a tape because you simply cant safely get to the correct position to measure. Often the person taking the dimensions is not the one who needs them so critical dimensions can be missed or misinterpreted.

A BIMTek Laser Scan Survey will eliminate these problems.

  • Laser scans are accurate and give you a full picture of conditions in the build location.
  • Fast and capable of capturing as-built conditions over huge and sometimes busy areas.
  • Accurately survey hard to access areas without access equipment. Safety is our priority.
  • A scan survey will reduce doubt, increase accuracy, spot potential problems and clashes and ultimately save time
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Scan to BIM

Once you have a scan of a structure what then? BIMTek can supply a laser scan or point survey in a number of formats to suit your drawing office.

In addition to Autodesk CAD packages we can output to Tekla Structures, Bentley CAD systems and many others. Free viewers are available for you to use from Autodesk, Tekla, and Bentley to name a few.

Yes we can offer BIM modelling services.

BIMTek has a scan to BIM workflow that enables us to model the structure and pipework of your facility and convert it into a friendly format for your design teams. This leaves you to concentrate on the production equipment like conveyor lines, machines and services.

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 Scan and modelled pipes combined

Scan and modelled pipes combined

Why choose Reality Capture from BIMTek?

Why choose BIMTek?

BIMTek is a cutting edge company that provides a valuable service to customers that require as-built information and documentation to enable their facility managers,  engineering departments and designers to organise, remodel and        re-design with confidence.

We offer an experienced and friendly service to our current and new clients alike.

Accurate surveys

You have no room for budget blow outs and we are the answer.

BIMTek uses the most up to date survey and laser scanning equipment to collect data from site, we deliver this to you in a usable format for most 3D and 2D CAD systems.

Our scan surveys will save you money.

Install faster

BIMTek offers a comprehensive layout service to support and take some of the load from your installation teams.

Using state-of-the-art Trimble equipment we can set out every hole that you have to drill in     concrete, every weld on bracket and leave you with Grid line marks and levels so all you have to do is turn up and start installing



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