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With the quality of documentation getting poorer and much of the responsibility for site measurement being passed onto the fabricator the risk of producing steel work to fit on to exiting structures is increasing.

  • How long do your operatives spend measuring and producing site sketches for your draftsmen only to find that there are still clashes and problems because the sketches have not been understood or information was missing?
  • How many times have dimensions be written down incorrectly or have been misunderstood by your draftsman? To enable measurements to be taken you may have to provide expensive access equipment
  • How much expensive re-work do you have on a typical project?
  • Do you really know your new steel is going to fit before you get to site?

Reality Capture using BIMTek’s laser scanning services can save you thousands of dollars..

Its essentially measuring without a tape but a whole lot more!

Design - Detail - Fabricate and Install with confidence.


Why BIMTek?

BIMTek has over 20 years experience in site survey for Steel, MEP and other fabricators.

We don't do boundary or house surveys. We are a specialist company that has over 20 years experience in the steel services industry We perform surveys specifically for you and your design so you get the data you need to begin designing and detailing with confidence.


Why Laser Scans?

Laser scans are accurate and give you a full picture of conditions in the build location.

Fast and capable of capturing as-built conditions over huge areas.

Accurately survey hard to access areas without access equipment.

A scan survey will reduce doubt, increase accuracy, spot potential problems and clashes and save time.


Survey To CAD

BIMTek can supply a laser scan or point survey in a number of formats to suit your drawing office.

In addition to Autodesk CAD packages we can output to Tekla Structures, Bentley CAD systems and many others.

Free viewers are available for you to use from Autodesk, Tekla, and Bentley to name a few.


Yes we can output Laser scan data to Tekla Structures.

BIMTek has a scan to Tekla workflow that enables us to clean and break a laser scan into portions and convert it into a Tekla friendly format. Tekla Structures can import multiple laser scan samples at 1 to 2 million points each. You can have many of these reference objects in your Tekla model.

If you want to try out Tekla with laser scans download the Redlands Hospital walled garden from this link.

The files are quite large so be patient. Insert them as a reference model in Tekla at co-ordinates 0,0,0. Use clip planes to reduce the size of the reference object in a section or plan view. You will see that the results are excellent. In this particular model I was able to make sure the fixings went into the middle of the bricks.

BIMTek BIM Modeling Services

BIMTek has a scan to BIM workflow that enables us to model the existing structure of your project and convert it into a friendly format for your drafting teams. This leaves you to concentrate on the production of new drawings without wasting your draftsmans time.

Capturing existing condition information has never been easier or quicker than with 3D scanning technologies.

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